Privacy Policy

MBS Tech Limited (Address: Room 1905 Nam Wo Hong Building, 148 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. Company registration number: 2310926) (further mentioned as the "Company", "we", "our", "ours" and "ourselves") manages the website under the name Braindumps which web address is (further mentioned as the "Website"). The information provided below, clarifies the legal agreement between the Company and you (further mentioned as the "User", "he/she", "his/her", "him/her", "one").

This Privacy Policy ("Privacy Policy") refers to website including all the subsidiary pages (the "Website"). No matter you are a fresher to the Website or using it for a long time, your privacy is what comes at our priority list. We request you to take the proper time to know more about our practices. Our privacy policy clearly describes the things like the personal data we gather, why we collect the personal data, how do we use it, whom does we share the data with, the choices we provide, which includes how to access, modify and remove the data which is personal.

You have to carefully read this privacy policy. You admit that you have read, understood and agreed to be bound to all the terms and conditions of this privacy policy and by gaining access to the Website and its services. Do exit, do not access or even use the Website or it's any services if you do not agree to this privacy policy and the applicable Terms of Use. We have modified this Privacy Policy on May 25, 2018 so that it becomes shorter and easier to read and also to abide by the EU General Data Protection Regulation. We have not made any material modifications to the way we process data related to our users. You are free to contact us and ask any questions that you may perceive regarding this privacy policy and its contents.

Part 1: The data we collect

The data such as the data you enter yourself and the data from the third-party platforms you join along with the Website is gathered from you directly. There is also some data which is being collected automatically like the data related to your device and regarding the parts of the Website you communicate with or spend some time on.

1.1. Sharing data

Depending on the way you use the Website, we may gather various data from you or related to you. We directly gather the data you provide, if you create an account and use the Website. This data which is secured by us and related with your account includes:

Account Data: You are required to create a user account in order to use particular features such as gaining access to your purchases at the Website. We gather and store the data provided by you, the data such as the email address and password when you create or modify your account.

Profile Data: You can also go for providing the profile data such as the data on the gender, date of birth, photo, headline, Website link, social media profiles or some other data. Your profile data will be looked upon by the others publicly.

Shared Content: Parts of the Website allows you to communicate with the other users or share content in public. It can be done by posting reviews, asking or answering questions and also in the way you upload the files. Depending on where it is being posted, such shared content can be viewed by others publicly.

Account Payment Data: If you make purchases, we gather particular data related to your purchase )such as your name and the zip code) as required for the processing of your order. Certain payment and billing data is to be provided directly to our payment processing partners. This also includes your name, credit card data, billing address and zip code. For some security purposes, the Website does not gather or secure delicate cardholder data such as full credit card numbers or card authentication data.

Promotions and surveys: Either with the help of the Website or a third-party platform, we may invite you to finish a survey or take part in a promotion such as the promo-codes or challenges. We will gather and secure the data you provide as part of participating if you participate. The data includes the name, email-address or phone number. Unless otherwise stated in the official rules of the promotion or in another privacy policy, the data is applicable to this privacy policy. The data gathered will be accustomed to supervise the promotion or survey, inclusive of informing winners and dispensing rewards. The third party's privacy policy will apply where we use a third-party platform to supervise a survey or promotion.

Communications and Support: If you need our support or report a problem or if you have any concern regardless of whether you have created an account, you can contact us, we will gather and store your contact data, messages and other data related to you like your name, email address, location, operating system, IP address and any other data you offer or the data we gather through the automated means. We take the help of this data to give you response and research your question or worries, conferring this privacy policy.

1.2. Data collected automatically

Some data is gathered by us through the automated means when you gain access to the Website. This particular data is gathered with the help of the server log files and tracking technologies. It is related to your account and genuinely stored by us. This data largely includes the:

System Data: Now, the technical data is all about your computer or device, like the type of device, your IP address, type of operating system and version, different identifiers of device, language of the browser, browser, domain and other systems data and the types of platform.

Usage Data: Now, the usage data is all about your communications with the Website, inclusive of the accessed pages, time dedicated on the pages or the Website, visited pages, different features used, your search questions, click data, date and time and all the other data pertaining to the use of the Website.

Approximate Geographic Data: An estimated geographic location inclusive of data like country, city and geographic coordinates is calculated in reference to your IP address.

Part 2: Your data usage

We take help of your data for things such provide our Website, interact with you, issues related to troubleshoot, safeguard against criminal activities and abuse, enhance and modify our Website, examine how people go through our Website, serve individualized advertising and as necessitated by law or requires for safety purposes and integrity.

We use the collected data files and we through your presence of the Website to:

  • Impart and supervise the Website, inclusive to displaying tailored data and smoothen the way for interaction with other users;
  • Undertake your orders and requests for products, particular services, data or other features;
  • Interact with you and about the account by:
    • Giving answers to the concerns and questions;
    • Sending you directorial messages and data, informing in relations to the modifications to our Website and modifications to our agreements;
    • Sending you content and in-app messages related to new products, new services, new features, promotions, newsletters;
    • Sending push information to your wireless device to provide changes and other significant messages (which you can command from the "options" or "settings" page of the mobile app);
  • Superintend your account options;
  • Smoothen the way for the Website' practical functioning, inclusive of fixing and resolving issues, safeguarding the Website and correcting criminal activities and abuse;
  • Receiving feedback from users;
  • Market and orchestrate promotions administered and surveys or financed by the Website;
  • Try knowing more related you by associating your data with some more data via third-party data providers or identifying the data seeking the need of analytics service experts;
  • Recognizing different users across devices;
  • Customize ads at all type of devices;
  • Enhance our Website and be a helping hand in making new services, products and features;
  • Recognize track purchases, trends & traffic and track usage data;
  • Promote the Website thoroughly on third-party applications and websites;
  • As necessitated or allowed by law; or
  • As we, in our sole circumspection, in other respects regulated to be required to make sure the security or integrity of our employees, user, third parties, the public or our Website.
Part 3: Getting of your data

To collect the data described above, we use instruments like cookies, web beacons, analytical services and advertising providers. You also get the capability to go out of the data collected through the use of some of these tools.

3.1. Cookies and data collection tools
3.1.1. What are cookies?

As you'll browse the internet, you'll come across the small groups of .txt files stored by the computer browser and called as "cookies." Cookies are used for many purposes including collecting, storing and sharing data related to your activities all over the websites including that on the Website. They also make us memorize things related to your visits to the Website, the chosen language and also to make the site less complicated to use.

There are two types of cookies - the session cookies and the persistent cookies. The session cookies expires after a very less time or say when you close the computer browser. On the other hand, the persistent cookies remain installed in that specific computer browser for a particular period. To recognize you during one browsing session such as when you log in into the Website, we take the help of session cookies. To recognize you after a long span of time such as when you plead that we keep you signed in, we take the help of the persistent cookies.

3.1.2. Why cookies are necessary?

To measure, improve and deliver our products or services in several ways, we take the help of cookies and same technologies like the pixel tags, web beacons or local shared objects. We take the help of these cookies both when through a browser you visit our site and through our smartphone version. Taking on newly invented extra technologies, we may too collect some more data via other techniques.

Cookies are used for the below mentioned purposes:

  • Authentication and security: Help you log in to the Website, help you take care of your security, identifying, spam, recognizing and fighting, abuse and other activities that ruin the agreements of the Website.
  • Preferences: to memorize the data about the system browser and your choices, to memorize your settings and other preferences made by you.
  • Analytics and research: It is to assist us in improving and understanding how people use the Website. Along with the number of analytics partners, including Google Analytics, who use cookies and related technologies to assist us in scrutinizing how users use the Website and also remembering the sites from which you appear. Those service providers may either gather the data themselves or we may open up to them. You can choose from some of these services through the instruments like the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.
  • Personalized content: to fill up the Website with more significant data and information.
  • Advertising: to help you gain over more significant advertising.

Please look into the fact carefully that where the advertising technology is consolidated into the Website, there are chances that you may still be awarded with advertising on other websites and applications, but it will not be customized to your interests.

You may also receive customized in-app advertisements while using the applications on the mobile. Be it Apple, IOS, Android OSor the microsoft windows, each has its own rules on how to command in-app customized advertising. You should analyse your contact or privacy settings the operator of the platform for other devices and operating systems.

3.1.3. Cookies privacy

You have a plenty of options available to have a command over or border how we and our partners take help of the cookies:

Most of the browsers available accept the cookies automatically, but you can sure modify your settings in the browser to shrink cookies by seeking advice from the browser's supportive articles. If you made a decision of declining cookies, please take it into reference that you may unable to sign in, customize or use some communicative features in the Website.

Flash cookies work in a different way than the browser cookies, so in this case your browser's cookie-management instruments may not unplug them. You can have a look into Adobe's article on managing flash cookies and website storage settings panel to learn and know more related to how to manage the flash cookies.

To seek the relevant data and have a control on the cookies invented and used for customized advertising from the companies which are participating, you can have a look into the consumer chosen pages for the Network Advertising Initiative And Digital Advertising Alliance or in case you are somewhere listed in the European Union, you can visit the your online choices site. To choose out from the Google Analytics display advertising or tailored Google display network advertisements, sure visit the Google Ads Settings page.

3.2. Cookies and data collection tools usage

Third party advertisers and Google Analytics acting on our behalf use the server log files and automated data collecting instruments such as the tags, cookies, tailored links, scripts, browser fingerprints or device and web beacons when you gain access and power to use the Website. When you use the Website, these data gathering instruments by default track and gather particular system files and also the usage data. There are also some cases where we connect the data collected to other data which we gather.

We take the help of the cookies for the things like examining your use of the Website, individualizing your knowledge, making it bit less difficult and more comfortable to log into the Website and side by side also identifying you when you return. We use web beacons for things like recognizing if a page was visited, recognizing if an email was uncovered and advertising with more efficiency by eliminating the present users from particular promotional messages or recognizing the source of a fresh mobile application download.

The Website uses the following types of cookies:

  • Preferences: Preferences are the cookies which is capable of remembering data related to the system browser and chosen settings that influence the look and behavior of the Website like the chosen language.
  • Security: Security are the cookies which largely assist you to get in and go through the Website; take a safeguard against the logins which are dishonest; and also assist identifying and preventing abuse or unofficial use of the account.
  • Functional: Functional cookies are those that secure functional settings (such as the volume level you fixed for the video playback).
  • Session State: Session state cookies help you to track your communications with the Website to assist us in improving the Website and your experience in the browsing, memorizing your login details and enabling dealing with your purchases at the Website. These are firmly required for the Website to work efficiently, so if you weaken them then particular functionalities will surely break or then will not be available.

If you want, you can fix the browser to make it attentive about attempts to keep cookies on your computer or device, you have to limit the different types of cookies you permit or decline cookies all together. If you do this task, it will be unable for you to use some or all features of the Website and your experience may be somewhat unique or not more functional.

Some of the third-party partners who empower particular features on our site may also take the help of the Local Storage Objects (flash cookies or LSOs) to gather and store data.

3.3. Analytics

We use the services like the third-party mobile analytics(Google analytics on the Website) and browser. Such services take the help of the data collection tools to give us a way out to analyze the Website use. This also includes data such as the third party Website you come from, how frequent you visit the Website, events that take place within the Website, usage and performance data and also from where the application was downloaded from. We seek help of this data to improve the Website, better take a clear look on how the Website function on various devices and give relevant data that may be of some use to you.

3.4. Advertising

To deliver advertising related to our Website on the other websites and the application used by you, we can seek help of the third party advertising services such as the Facebook, ad networks, Google's ad services and other ad servers. The advertisements may largely depend on the things like the things that we know related to you and the things that the Website and mobile ad service providers know related to you depending on their tracked data. The advertisements can depend upon your present activity and also across the other websites and web services and may also be customized to your interests.

Based on the different types of advertisement services which are used by us, they may put cookies or other identifying technologies for device, computer, smartphone, tablet or any other device to gather the data all related to your use of our Website and may have a large access to those identifying technologies so as to serve these customized ads to you. To assist in delivering customized advertising, we may help these service providers with a hashed, anonymized version of your email address and data that you allocate on the Website publicly.

Apple iOS, Android OS and Microsoft Windows each give their own regulations on how to control in-app customized advertising when using mobile applications you might also get tailored in-app advertisements.You should sure take a look into your privacy settings or interact with your platform operator for other devices and operating systems.

Part 4: Who do we share data with?

We share particular data related to you with some companies carrying out services for us, analytics and data enhancement providers, your social media givers, companies assisting us in running promotions and surveys and advertising companies who largely assist us encouraging our Website. We may also share your data as required for security, legal compliance or as part of a corporate re-establishment. At last, we can allocate data in other ways if it is assembled or de-identified or if we acquire your permission.

We may share your uses and data with third parties under the following situations or as unless stated in this document of Privacy Policy:

  • Taking the assistance of Providers, Service, Contractors and Agents: we share your data with third-party companies who carry out services on behalf of us, such as the payment processing, data analysis, marketing and advertising services (inclusive of retreated advertising), email customer services and support and hosting services. These service providers may have access to your data which is personal and are necessary to use it simply as we direct, to bestow our requested service.
  • With the help of Analytics and Data Enhancement Services: Admitted of our use of third-party states instruments like Google Analytics, we share particular contact data, Account Data, System Data, Usage Data. De-identified data means data where we've deleted things like your name and email address and substituted it with a token ID. This permits these providers to give analytics services or match your data with publicly-obtainable database data (inclusive of contact and social data from other sources). We do this to interact with you in a efficient and tailored manner.
  • To Strengthen Social Media Features: The social media applications in the Website (like the Facebook Like button) may permit the third-party social media provider to gather things like your IP address and which page of the Website you're visiting and to fix a cookie to make able the application. Your communications with these features are administered by the third-party company's privacy policy.
  • To Supervise Promotions and Surveys: we may share your uses and data as required to administer, market or sponsor promotions and surveys you opt to take part in, as necessitated by applicable law (such as to provide a winners list or make relevant filings)or in compliance with the regulations of the promotion or survey.
  • For Advertising: if we make a decision to provide advertising in the some future time, we may use and share particular System Data and Usage Data with third-party advertisers and networks to make clear general preference and demographic data among our users. We may also help permitting the advertisers to gather System Data with taking the assistance of of Data Collection instruments and to take the help of this data to give you with targeted ad delivery to individualize your user experience (through behavioral advertising) and tackle web analytics. Advertisers may also share with us the data they gather related to you. To know more or choose out from engaging ad networks' behavioral advertising, please check "Your choices" clause of this Privacy Policy stated below. Also please note that if you choose out, you'll be consistent to be served generic ads.
  • For Security and Legal Compliance: we may reveal your data with the third parties if we perceive a good ideology belief that the disclosure is:
    • Allowed or required by law;
    • Requested as part of a governmental, judicial or legal inquiry order or proceeding;
    • Moderately required as a portion of a true subpoena, warrant or other legally-valid request;
    • Moderately required to administer our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and other legal agreements;
    • Necessary to identify, interceptor address criminal activities, misuse, abuse, potential violations of law (or rule or regulation)or safety or practical issues; or
    • Moderately required in our discretion to save against impending harm to the rights, property or security of the Website, our users, members of the public employees or our Website;
    • We may also reveal data related to you to our auditors and legal advisors so as to assess our declarations obligations and rights under this Privacy Policy.
  • During a Modification in Control: In case the Website go through a business transaction like a merger, acquisition, corporate divestiture or dissolution (including bankruptcy)or a sale of all or some of its assets, we may share, revealor transfer all of your data to the victorious organization at the time of such transition or in contemplation of a transition (including during due diligence).
  • After Aggregation/De-identification: we can reveal or use some total or de-identified data for any motive.
  • With Your Permission: with your assent, we may share the data with the third parties which is not within the scope of this Privacy Policy.
Part 5: Your rights

You have particular rights for the application of your data, inclusive of the capability to choose out of promotional emails, cookies and gathering of your data by particular analytics providers. You can modify or bring your account to termination from within our Website and can also contact us for personal rights requests about your individual data. Parents who are sure we've unintentionally gathering personal data related to their underage child should contact us for help winding up that data.

5.1. Your choices

You can go for not providing certain data to us, but you may not be able to use certain features of the Website.

  • To stop accepting promotional interactions from us, you can choose out by using the unsubscribe mechanism in the promotional interactions you receive or by modifying the email preferences in your account. Please note that irrespective of your email preference settings, we will send you transactional and relationship messages all about the Website, including administrative confirmations order confirmations, crucial updates related to the Website and notices related to our policies.
  • The browser or device you use may permit you to have a control on cookies and other types of local data storage. Your wireless device may also permit you to have a control control regardless of the location or other data gathered and shared.
  • To choose out of Google's display advertising or tailored Google Display Network ads, please have a look into the Google Ads Settings page.
  • To choose out of permitting Google Analytics, please have a look on Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.
5.2. Your data accessing, editing and removal

You can get to and revive your own particular data that the Website assembles and keeps up as takes after:

  • To revive data you give particularly, sign into your record and invigorate your record at whatever point.
  • To end your record:
    • Please visit your profile settings page and take the methods point by point there.
    • If you have any issues finishing your record contact us.
    • Please note: even after your record is finished, a couple or the greater part of your data may at show be recognizable to others, including without limitation any data that has been (a) duplicated, secured or spread by various customers (like comments); (b) shared or scattered by you or others (fusing into your normal substance); or (c) exhibited on an untouchable stage. To be sure, even after your record is finished, we hold your data for whatever time allotment that we have an honest to goodness motivation to do thusly (and according to fitting law), fusing to help with legal responsibilities, resolve face off regarding and approve our understandings. We may hold and uncover such data according to this Privacy Policy after your record has been finished.
  • To request to get the chance to, corrector eradicate your own particular data, connect with us direct. You should allow up to 30 days for a response. For your security, we may require that the request is sent to the email address related to your record and we may need to check your character before executing your request. If its all the same to you observe that we hold certain data where we have a true blue preface to do accordingly, including for necessary record-keeping and to complete trades.
5.3. Children rights

We see the insurance interests of adolescents and urge watchmen and guardians to have a dynamic influence in their children's online activities and interests. Youths under 13 (or under 16 in the European Economic Area) should not use the Website. If we find that we've accumulated individual data from a youth under those ages, we will figure out how to delete it.

Gatekeepers who assume that the Website may have assembled singular data from a tyke under those ages can connect with us that it be removed.

Part 6: Security

We use relevant security largely dependent on the type and sensitivity of data being saved. As with any system having an access to the internet, there is always a threatening of unofficial access, so it's really crucial to save your password and to contact us if you identify any uncertified access to your account.

The Website takes complete and proper safety measures to safeguard against uncertified access, alteration, disclosure or destruction of your data which is personal that we gather and then save. These measures vary depending on the type and sensitivity of the data. Unluckily, however, no system can be 100% safe, so we cannot make sure that interactions between you and the Website, the Website or any data given to us in relation with the data we gather through the Website will be free from uncertified access by third parties. Your password is an crucial part of our security system and it is your authority to protect it. You should not share your password with any third party and if you are sure that your password or account has been compromised, you should modify it as soon as possible and contact us with any sort of worries.

Part 7: Decided ward rules
7.1. Customers in California

In case you are a California tenant, you have the benefit to request particular bits of knowledge about what singular data we share with untouchables for those outcasts' prompt exhibiting purposes. To introduce your request, contact us with the articulation "California Shine the Light" and consolidate your postage data, state of the home and email address.

Since the web business is so far wearing down Do Not Track standards, game plans and use, we don't start at now see or respond to program began Do Not Track signals.

7.2. Customers outside of the United States

In working the Website, we process data as a controller (everything considered terms are described in EU General Data Protection Regulation). As a controller, the Website is set out to fulfill data subjects' ("Users") GDPR rights.

Part 8: Privacy Policy updates
Part 8.1. Changes in accordance with this Privacy Policy

Once in a while, we may revise this Privacy Policy. If we reveal any material change to it, we will educate you by implies with respect to email, through a notice posted on the Websiteor as required by apropos law. We will similarly consolidate a rundown of the key changes. Unless communicated, for the most part, changes will end up capable on the day they are posted.

As permitted by material law, in case you continue utilizing the Website after the suitable date of any change, by then your passageway and also use will be respected an affirmation of (and agree to take after and be bound by) the corrected Privacy Policy. The corrected Privacy Policy supersedes all past Privacy Policies.

Part 8.2. Illustration

Any advanced terms not portrayed in this game plan are described as shown in our Terms and Conditions.

Part 8.3. Contact

If you have any request, concerns or civil argument regarding our Privacy Policy, kindly don't waver to contact our Data Protection Officer by email

100% Money Back

How to Claim the Refund / Exchange?

In case of failure your money is fully secure by BrainDumps Guarantee Policy. Before claiming the guarantee all downloaded products must be deleted and all copies of BrainDumps Products must be destroyed.

Under What Conditions I can Claim the Guarantee?

Full Refund is valid for any BrainDumps Testing Engine Purchase where user fails the corresponding exam within 30 days from the date of purchase of Exam. Product Exchange is valid for customers who claim guarantee within 90 days from date of purchase. Customer can contact BrainDumps to claim this guarantee and get full refund at Exam failures that occur before the purchasing date are not qualified for claiming guarantee. The refund request should be submitted within 7 days after exam failure.

The money-back-guarantee is not applicable on following cases:

  1. Failure within 7 days after the purchase date. BrainDumps highly recommends the candidates a study time of 7 days to prepare for the exam with BrainDumps study material, any failures cases within 7 days of purchase are rejected because in-sufficient study of BrainDumps materials.
  2. Wrong purchase. BrainDumps will not entertain any claims once the incorrect product is Downloaded and Installed.
  3. Free exam. (No matter failed or wrong choice)
  4. Expired order(s). (Out of 90 days from the purchase date)
  5. Retired exam. (For customers who use our current product to attend the exam which is already retired.)
  6. Audio Exams, Hard Copies and Labs Preparations are not covered by Guarantee and no claim can be made against them.
  7. Products that are given for free.
  8. Different names. (Candidate's name is different from payer's name.)
  9. The refund option is not valid for Bundles and guarantee can thus not be claimed on Bundle purchases.
  10. Guarantee Policy is not applicable to CISSP, EMC, HP, Microsoft, PMI, SAP and SSCP exams as provides only the practice questions for these.
  11. Outdated Exam Products.
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